General Terms and Conditions of Usage applicable to the Single Sign on Service and the modules

Access-restricted content and products from participating undertakings of the Liebherr Group may only be used after prior registration of the user and the allocation and clearance of the necessary access data. Liebherr-IT Services GmbH offers a registration service (hereafter referred to as the "Single Sign on Service" or the "SSO Service") as the central means by which, upon condition that clearance has been granted, users gain access to the modules "My Service Partner", "My Products", "Document Download", "Spare Parts Catalogue" and "Shop" (which SSO Service and modules will be referred to hereafter as the "Product") and to other participating Liebherr portals. After registration, the SSO Service is used by participating Liebherr portals and users as a core tool for logging in to participating Liebherr portals.

1. Scope

1.1 The following General Terms and Conditions of Usage govern the usage of the Product. The provider of the Product is Liebherr-IT Services GmbH, St. Vitus 1, 88457 Kirchdorf, Germany, represented by its Managing Director Uwe Rechtsteiner (hereafter referred to as "LIS").

1.2 Contractual relations between the user and participating Liebherr portals and their online products in which SSO Service is or can be used shall also be governed where appropriate by the individual general terms and conditions of business and usage of the relevant providers of the Liebherr portals.

1.3 The SSO Service and the modules are intended exclusively for natural or legal persons that are businesses within the meaning of § 14 of the German Civil Code. Usage by consumers is not permitted.


2. Services

2.1 Single Sign on Service

2.1.1 Single Sign on (abbreviated to "SSO") means in relation to the SSO Service of LIS that, after initial registration and authentication, each user can log in to the SSO Service for all modules cleared for him/her along with other restricted-access services, areas and applications on all participating Liebherr portals or other Products (such as for example mobile apps) that use the SSO Service with the same access credentials without having to follow the registration processes for the individual products as would otherwise be the case.

2.1.2 The user shall receive from the SSO service a multi-portal "identity", which may be recognised and verified by participating Liebherr portals. In this way, it will also enable the SSO service to transfer user data lodged in the SSO service (such as for example name and address and the devices registered by the user) automatically to the operators of the relevant Liebherr portals without having to enter these data manually a second time into another participating Liebherr portal and for them to have to be verified.

2.1.3 In addition, the user may also be presented in a targeted manner with particular information through the SSO Service that is specifically tailored to him/her. Usage of participating Liebherr portals will thus be facilitated for the user. For example, the user may be informed after logging in whether new content for his/her specific area of activity is available.

2.1.4 The SSO Service enables the user to manage his/her SSO account centrally in a straightforward manner using the "My Profile" and "My Company" button. In this way the user may for example manage and correct his/her master data (e.g. address), change his/her password or deactivate his/her Liebherr account.

The availability of the SSO Service is dependent upon a functional data connection between LIS, the user and the undertakings from the Liebherr group that operate the Liebherr portal in question and the proper operation of all systems involved. It is therefore possible that access to the SSO Service may be temporarily unavailable. LIS reserves the right to suspend the availability of the SSO Service for maintenance and upgrade work in line with standard market practice. LIS will endeavour to carry out maintenance and upgrade work outside ordinary business hours at the registered office of LIS.

2.1.5 The SSO Service shall be free of charge for the user.


2.2 Modules

2.2.1My Service Partner

The "My Service Partner" module enables the user from a particular undertaking to register and administer business relations with his/her service partners for his/her undertaking. The registration of business relations is a prerequisite for usage of the modules "My Products", "Document Download", "Spare Parts Catalogue" and "Shop". This is because the modules are also regarded as a service for the service partners of Liebherr original spare parts. Service partners use the modules in order to provide their customers with an enhanced service through the Product. Service partners establish business contact with their customers through a "business relationship" registered via their Liebherr account. The following rules shall govern relations between users and their service partners:

a) The relevant contractual partners only shall be responsible for specific legal transactions concluded between the service partner and users. LIS and any Liebherr manufacturing facilities that may be involved are not parties to these legal transactions and do not accept any responsibility or liability in relation to them.

b) The relevant applicable general terms and conditions of business of the service partners may be consulted in the "My Service Partner" module within the overview of registered business relations and in the "Shop" module at the end of each order, where the service partner has provided these in its Liebherr account.


2.2.2.     My Products

The My Products module enables the user to register the products acquired by his/her undertaking through his/her service partner. After registering, all users from the undertaking in question obtain an overview of the registered products of their undertaking. Alongside the various product management functions, the user is also able to transfer smoothly to the further modules available for the product in question. Management functions include in particular the provision of accreditations to users from other undertakings. If a user receives accreditations for the product of another undertaking, these will also be displayed in an overview. The user is provided with various functions and transfers to other modules also in relation to these products.


2.2.3 Document Download

The user is able to download documents for his/her registered products, where offered by the Liebherr manufacturing facility. It is likely that there will also be documents at a later date that can only be obtained from the manufacturing facility for a fee (not through the Shop).


2.2.4 Spare Parts Catalogue

The user has access to the online Spare Parts Catalogue for his/her registered products, where offered by the Liebherr manufacturing facility. Within the Spare Parts Catalogue, users are able to identify the spare parts required using exploded views. In addition, Spare Parts Catalogues contain further documentation along with an item history. Users are provided with prices and availabilities in the Spare Parts Catalogue so as be able to make an initial estimate of the costs, although are not able to alter delivery and order terms and conditions.


2.2.5 Shop

Users may be able to order spare parts or any other items for their products, depending upon the product area in question. Users are able to transfer spare parts identified from the module "Spare Parts Catalogue" to the "Shop" module in order to order them from their service partner. The offer of further items is dependent upon the responsible Liebherr manufacturing facility in question (see below section 8) that is responsible for the product area consulted.

Users may only access product areas in the "Shop" module for which they have already been registered or accredited through the "My Products" module. The items offered through the "Shop" module are exclusively Liebherr original items.

Further items, such as licences, may where appropriate be sold in separate shops. Clearance for the purchase of such products is dependent upon the relevant manufacturing facility for the item. Clearance may be granted e.g. at the time a business relationship for the relevant product area is registered. In addition, clearance may be granted where appropriate after the active clearance of individual users by the manufacturing facility or service partner. Unless you have agreed otherwise with your service partner, the prices indicated in the Shop exclude shipping costs, taxes and customs duties.

Please note that LIS allows exclusively Liebherr manufacturing facilities and service partners to sell goods. LIS does not accept any liability, including in particular for the prices indicated, availability and the terms and conditions of the service partners.

NB: Please note that we may make changes to our spare parts with reference to various parameters. For this reason, both the Spare Parts Catalogue and the Shop may indicate that items can no longer be ordered under certain circumstances or that a new variant of the item must be ordered as a replacement.


2.3 Duties of the user when using the modules

2.3.1 Duties of the user and copyright

a) Users of modules undertake to register only products that are owned by their undertaking or for which they have been expressly authorised by the owner of the product.

b) Users of modules undertake in this regard to use information obtained through the modules exclusively for their own business purposes. This information shall include in particular data from the Document Download and Spare Parts Catalogue modules. In addition, this information includes in particular prices and availabilities of your service partners. This information also includes details concerning your Liebherr account and the structure of modules.

c) The content retrievable in the modules (text, data, images, logos, graphics, documentation and sound, video and other pictorial displays) are protected by copyright and other legislation on the protection of intellectual property. The content may not be reproduced, distributed, stored in other media (e.g. other websites) or altered either in full or in part without the express prior consent of the operator. The printing or saving of individual pages or documents is only permitted for personal usage.


3. Identification and registration

3.1 Users must register in order to use the SSO Service.

3.2.1 If access to a Liebherr portal linked to the SSO is only possible subject to certain prerequisites, such as e.g. the verification or clearance of the user by an undertaking from the Liebherr Group, the user will be made aware of this fact.

3.2 The user also warrants that the personal details provided by him/her upon registration, including in particular his/her undertaking, first name and surname and postal and email addresses are true and accurate. In particular, the user may not provide any data relating to a third party. The user is obliged to inform LIS promptly of any change to the information.

3.3 The submission of the completed registration form shall constitute an offer on the part of the user to conclude an agreement concerning the usage of the SSO Service (hereafter also referred to as the "Usage Agreement"). LIS may accept this offer by confirming the registration by email to the user or by releasing the user for access to the relevant areas or content requiring registration after submitting the registration form. A Usage Agreement shall thereupon be concluded.

3.4 The user will receive a confirmation email promptly after receipt of the registration form by LIS. This email shall contain a confirmation link. By clicking on this link, the user may confirm his/her email address. This confirmation is a prerequisite for the ability of the user to log in thereafter through the SSO Service or to be able to use services  of other Liebherr portals immediately after successful registration.

3.5 The user has no entitlement to accreditation to the Liebherr portals.

3.6 We are entitled to refuse individual applications for registration without stating reasons.


4. Usage of access data, access to the portals

4.1 The user shall receive access to the restricted-access content and products of the participating Liebherr portals by entering his/her access credentials, in general an email address and password, into the relevant log in form.

4.2 Access credentials are intended for usage exclusively by the user in question. The user may not disclose any data, including in particular his/her password, to third parties, including family members and colleagues. The user is obliged to ensure that the access credentials, including in particular the password, remain confidential at all times and to prevent any unauthorised usage of the participating Liebherr portals by third parties.

4.3 Should the user become aware of any misuse of the access credentials or suspect that misuse may have occurred, he/she must inform LIS promptly of this fact. LIS shall be entitled to block access to the Liebherr portal immediately in the event of misuse or suspected misuse. The user shall bear liability for all consequences of third party usage, where he/she was at fault for the misuse of access credentials. The user shall be deemed to be at fault in particular if he/she through his/her negligence allowed unauthorised usage of access credentials to occur. Liability shall only end after the user has informed the Customer Service of LIS by email ( of the unjustified usage and, if necessary, changed the password.

4.4 Section 4.3 shall apply mutatis mutandis if the user has selected "stay logged in" when working on a public computer or a computer with multiple users and third parties have thereby gained access to the Liebherr portals.

4.5 The extent of access granted by the access credentials is dependent upon the terms and conditions of usage of the relevant Liebherr portal. The extent of access may also differ in line with the professional group of the user or the user's relations with third parties.

4.6 LIS draws attention to the fact that Liebherr portals are each operated by the company indicated in the provider identification details on the Liebherr portal. If LIS does not operate the Product itself, LIS is not responsible for the content and Products contained in it.


5. Additional information for undertakings

5.1 Authorised employees of an undertaking may register either with their own personal data or with the corporate data of their undertaking. Authorised employees shall thereby be allowed the possibility to use jointly further products of the Liebherr Group within their undertaking. The employee of an undertaking who is accredited as the "company administrator" shall e.g. have the option to administer the accreditations of his/her colleagues/employees and to administer the registration of users from his/her own undertaking.

5.2 Access data may not be made available to third parties. The user who is accredited as the company administrator is obliged to ensure that his/her master data and the data relating to colleagues/employees is up to date.


6. Restriction, expiry and revocation of access credentials

6.1 Limited usability of modules

The functions made available to the user may be limited under the following circumstances:

a)       In particular for older products, the possibility of product registration and the availability of documents and spare parts catalogues cannot be guaranteed.

b)      Depending upon the accreditations granted to the user by a company administrator from his/her undertaking, individual modules and functions within modules may not be made available to the user.
c)       If accreditation in relation to products from an undertaking different from that with which the he/she is associated is granted to a user, the modules made available to him/her and the functions within the modules may be limited for these products by the users of the other undertaking.

LIS reserves the right to amend or temporarily or permanently suspend the modules at any time without any requirement to state reasons.


6.2 LIS reserves the right in the event of breaches to these General Terms and Conditions of Usage, and in particular due to

• the provision of false information upon registration or at a later stage and/or

• the unauthorised sharing or disclosure of access credentials, including in particular passwords

to block the user's access credentials temporarily or permanently and/or to revoke the user's right of access definitively either with immediate effect or after a notice period set at our discretion and/or to terminate the Usage Agreement extraordinarily without notice. In such an eventuality, the user may not register again with LIS without our express prior approval.

6.2 In addition, access accreditation shall expire automatically from such time as the user is no longer a member of the individual modules or any other approved group of persons indicated on another Liebherr portal. The user shall be obliged to inform Customer Service through the email address promptly of any impending or actual changes to occupational positions or employment.


7. Termination of the Usage Agreement

7.1 The Usage Agreement shall apply for an indefinite period. As a matter of principle, both the user and ourselves may terminate the Usage Agreement at any time either without notice (see however section 6.2) or by ordinary termination. The foregoing shall be without prejudice to the right of both parties to extraordinary termination for cause. Termination must be intimated in text form, thus at least by email.

7.2 However, the immediate termination of the Usage Agreement would under certain circumstances have the result that it would be impossible for the user to log in and therefore, depending upon the relevant Product of the participating Liebherr portal, that he/she may not even have access to the data entered by the user, such as e.g. registered devices, along with other restricted-access areas of the Liebherr portal for which the user would otherwise be cleared.


8. Responsibilities

8.1 Unless specified otherwise, the operator mentioned above shall bear responsibility for the content of your Liebherr account and the modules. Responsibility shall lie with a legal person other than the operator in particular in the following situations:

a)       Document Download: the documents made available for the registered products are made available by the relevant Liebherr manufacturing facility.

b)      Spare Parts Catalogue: the spare parts catalogues made available for the registered products are made available by the relevant Liebherr manufacturing facility.       

c)       Shop: the relevant Liebherr manufacturing facility, which is specified in the legal notice of the website of the product area shop, shall bear responsibility for the relevant product information. The relevant service partner shall be responsible for the prices indicated, terms and conditions, availability and Products.

8.2 The responsible Liebherr manufacturing facilities for the various product areas are:

a.   Concrete technology

Liebherr-Mischtechnik GmbH

Im Elchgrund 12

88427 Bad Schussenried



b.   Earth movement / handling technology

Liebherr -EMTec GmbH

Liebherrstraße 12

88457 Kirchdorf



c.    Mobile cranes and crawler cranes above 300t

Liebherr-Werk Ehingen GmbH

Dr.-Hans-Liebherr-Straße 1

89584 Ehingen/ Donau



d.   Crawler cranes up to 300t, special foundation engineering, maritime cranes

Liebherr-MCCtec GmbH

Liebherrstraße 1

18147 Rostock


e.   Mining

Liebherr-Mining Equipment SAS

49, rue Frédéric Hartmann

CS 50038
68025 Colmar/Cedex


f.   Mobile construction cranes

Liebherr-Werk Biberach GmbH

Memminger Straße 120

88400 Biberach an der Riß


g.   Pipeline Equipment

Liebherr -EMTec GmbH

Liebherrstraße 12

88457 Kirchdorf


h.   Rotating tower cranes

Liebherr-Werk Biberach GmbH

Memminger Straße 120

88400 Biberach an der Riß





9. Liability

The user shall not be entitled to bring any damages claims unless specified otherwise in the Privacy Policy or the Terms and Conditions of Usage. The exclusion of liability shall also apply in respect of the statutory representatives and auxiliary agents of the operator, in the event that the user brings claims against these parties.

The exclusion of liability shall not apply to damages claims resulting from a grossly negligent breach of duty by the operator, a statutory representative or an auxiliary agent. It shall also not apply to breaches of material contractual duties, including those resulting from minor negligence.

Any strict liability prescribed by law, including in particular liability under the German Product Liability Act or liability for loss of life, personal injury or damage to health suffered by the user as a result of negligence shall not be affected by the above restrictions on liability.

NB: LIS does not provide any warranty that the information provided in the modules is complete and accurate.


10. Data protection

The protection and security of the personal data of our users is very important for us. All information regarding this matter may be found in the Privacy Statement for the SSO Service.


11. Amendments to the General Terms and Conditions of Usage

11.1 LIS reserves the right to amend the General Terms and Conditions of Usage at any time without stating reasons. In the event that the General Terms and Conditions of Usage are amended, the user must confirm these the first time he/she logs in after the amendment. Any further usage of the SSO Service will not be possible unless the new Terms and Conditions of Usage are confirmed and the user will lose access to the Liebherr portals along with the data that has been entered into or that may be consulted therein. 

11.2 If the user fails to accept the amended Terms and Conditions of Usage, each party shall be entitled to terminate the Agreement concerning the usage of the SSO Service with immediate effect.


12. Concluding provisions

12.1 The contractual relationship with the user and these General Terms and Conditions of Usage shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance exclusively with the law of the Federal Republic of Germany. The provisions of German or European private international law or the UN Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods shall not apply.

12.2 In the event that the user is a business operator or if the user is not ordinarily resident in Germany, exclusive jurisdiction over all legal disputes arising out of or in relation to this contract shall lie at the registered office of LIS. Under such circumstances, the place of performance for all rights and duties arising under this contractual relationship with the user shall be at the registered office of LIS.

12.3 Should any individual provisions of these Terms and Conditions of Usage be or become invalid and/or unenforceable, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions. Any invalid and/or unenforceable provisions shall be replaced by way of supplementary contractual interpretation by such valid and enforceable provisions that are most suited to the achievement of the desired economic purpose, taking account of the interests of both parties. The same shall apply mutatis mutandis for the filling of any gaps in these Terms and Conditions of Usage.


Status: January 2017


SSO privacy statement and modules "My Service Partner", "My Products, "Document Download", "Spare Parts Catalogue" and "Shop"

Single Sign on (hereafter referred to as "SSO") means in relation to the SSO service of Liebherr-IT Services GmbH, St. Vitus 1, 88457 Kirchdorf, Germany (hereafter referred to as "LIS") that, after initial registration and authentication with LIS, and subject to any third party clearance required, every user may log in to restricted access areas and content of the Liebherr portals connected to the SSO service (participating undertakings from the Liebherr group) using the same access credentials without requiring the user to log in separately a second time. In registering an SSO account, subject to his/her clearance, the user shall also receive access to additional modules offered by LIS. These modules at present are the modules "My Products", "Document Download", "Spare Parts Catalogue" and "Shop". (The SSO service and modules will hereafter be referred to collectively as the "Product".)


However, this does not exclude the possibility that users may have to submit a separate application for other connected Liebherr portals. This will occur as a rule if they feature clearly definable functions that require additional data protection provisions or terms of use. Users will be referred to additional application requirements prior to initial usage of the Liebherr portals in question.


The user shall receive from the SSO service a multi-portal "identifier", which may be recognised and verified by participating Liebherr portals. In this way, it will also enable the SSO service to transfer user data lodged in the SSO service (such as for example name, address and the products registered by the user) automatically to the operators of the relevant Liebherr portals.


The SSO service is the central identification, registration and login platform within the network of Liebherr Group portals.


In order to be able to offer you an optimal service, after confirming a business relationship with you, your service partners will be able to view the data that you have entered, i.e. your registered products and the goods purchased by you from the relevant service partner in the module "Shop" along with your personal data. This will enable your service partner to attend to your needs in an optimal manner or to provide useful information and recommendations in order to improve the performance of your products and your undertaking. Further optimisation of service quality is achieved for users by the fact that service partners that have the status of main service partner can facilitate your work as they are  enabled to add products to your undertaking and to remove products registered by you from your firm's account. You will naturally be informed directly by email of any change made by your main service partner. Further information concerning the difference between service partners and main service partners may be obtained from the help page of your Liebherr account.


NB: Service partners undertake to refrain from disclosing to third parties any information received by them through your Liebherr account and the modules that relates to your undertaking, your personal details or products.


All of this naturally entails that we will be required to collect and process particular personal data relating to our users. We attach great importance to data protection and data security and naturally comply with all applicable data protection regulations. In witness whereof, we explain in detail below the purposes for which and the extent to which personal data will be collected, processed and used by LIS in relation to the usage of our Product.


I. Collection and storage of personal data

We will collect and store personal data if you register for the Product using the central registration form available at and if you subsequently add further data to your user account (core data and content data, see sections I. 1.1 to I. 1.5). We will also collect and save a certain amount of data generated through usage of the Product (usage data, see section I. 2).


1. Core data and content data

1.1 Collection of core data and content data upon registration

Upon registration for the Product we will collect from you and save a variety of personal data. The following must always be provided:


• an email address

• a password that fulfils the security requirements

• your first name and surname

• your company name

• the address of your company

• your preferred language for displaying and sending information


You can also provide a form of address and your title on an optional basis at any time. You can also provide further details relating to your professional activity, for example concerning your main fields of interest.


1.2 Any additional core data and content data provided during usage of the user account and modules

If after registration you use the Product or any other product ranges from the participating internet portals of the Liebherr Group, further core data and content data in addition to that referred to in section 1.1 will be generated. This will occur e.g. if you register your devices under "My Products".

In addition, a record will be kept within the dataset as to whether you have acquired any services within the modules or in other participating Liebherr portals, and if so which services.

Please consult the privacy statements of the relevant Liebherr portals for the further types of data that may be added to your user account if you use other participating Liebherr portals.


1.3 Meta data

A variety of meta data will also be matched to the dataset comprised of your core data and content data. This includes in particular the following data:


• the password allocated to you

• the creation date for the dataset

• the person who created the dataset

• the user ID allocated to you

• the customer number allocated to you

• the date on which you most recently signed in with the SSO service and the date of the most recent change to the dataset

• a note that the disclosure of data in accordance with sections I 1.1 to 1.3 above has been consented to


1.4 Storage of core data and content data

The data referred to in sections I 1.1 to 1.3 shall be stored in your user account exclusively for the LIS Product and shall be separated from any other personal data relating to you (or even data that is potentially in part identical). The participating Liebherr portals will however have access to the data for the purposes of the SSO service, in particular in order to verify your login data (see section II below).


1.5 Visibility of your data by your colleagues

Depending upon the relevant accreditation of your colleagues, your personal and company data may also be visible to them if you have registered as the employee of an undertaking. This is intended to guarantee simpler organisation for users from the same undertaking. This includes in particular your contact data along with the accreditations allocated to you by your company administrator. The relevant company administrator is obliged to ensure compliance with any applicable data protection requirements in relation to the registered/recorded employees from his/her undertaking.


2. Usage data

So-called usage data is also accumulated by using the Product. In addition, when logging in through another participating Liebherr portal, an identification feature will be allocated to you for the duration (at least) of the session (the active session), which makes it possible to use the other participating Liebherr portals and the Products contained within them without logging in a second time.


2.1 Log files

Whenever the registration portal is visited, our web server saves particular data in so-called log files. A log file contains in particular information concerning the internet browser and operating system used by the user, the domain name of the website from which the user was referred to the registration page, the start and finish of usage of the Product and the data volume transmitted by the user and the Product. 


2.2 Cookies

2.2.1 Session cookies

The Product uses various authentication cookies. Cookies are small text files that are saved locally in the memory of your internet browser. Authentication cookies enable your internet browser to be recognised also outside the participating Liebherr portals. They are thus used as an identification marker, which saves you from having to log in again on participating websites.

Whilst the "standard authentication cookie" is deleted when logging out of the Product, an authentication cookie that remains valid after the session may also be set. This only occurs if you actively select the option "stay logged in". However, you should not under any circumstances select this option if you are working on a public computer or a computer with multiple users.

If you would like to block cookies, it is possible for you to prevent your browser from accepting and storing new cookies. A description of how this works in your browser may for example be found under the browser's "help" function. If cookies are refused automatically by the browser settings, you will however no longer be able to use the Product's functions. If you automatically delete the cookies saved after each session, the "stay logged in" function will not be available.


2.2.2 Web analysis by the program WiredMinds

Non-personal data will be collected in order to optimise Liebherr websites and for statistical purposes also in the event that the Liebherr websites are merely accessed (so-called "tracking"). The data collected concerns for example the time of the visit, the websites visited, the duration of the visit, the region of origin and the website from which the Liebherr website was accessed. Liebherr uses a certified data protection compliant web analysis software produced by the undertaking WiredMinds for tracking purposes, which collects non-personal data in anonymous form. Visitors to Liebherr websites cannot be identified using these data.

You may block tracking by clicking on the following link ("opt out") to install a cookie on the computer used by you.


II. Further processing and usage of data

1. Core data and content data


1.1 We require the data relating to the professional characteristics of our users in order to pre-select the modules and any other participating Liebherr portals for which clearance may be required.


1.2 Core data and content data are necessary in order to implement the contractual relationship concluded with you concerning usage of the Product, thus including in particular logging in to the participating Liebherr portals with the Single Sign on service, registering user products in the module "My Products", creating the possibility in the "Shop" module to purchase goods from third parties and creating a platform for third parties on which the user is able to download particular documents and spare parts catalogues for his/her registered products from third parties.


The user will also be provided with unitary access to other participating Liebherr portals. For this purpose, the Liebherr portal in question will send the data which you entered into the log in mask (generally email address and password) along with a service URL to the SSO server. The server will use this data to examine whether the user is entitled to log in. If the user is entitled to log in, the user ID allocated to you will be transmitted to the server of the Liebherr portal concerned. Using these data, any settings on the Liebherr portal that have already been personalised can be displayed for you. In addition, the Liebherr portal for which you have thereby logged in will subsequently be able to retrieve further relevant core data and content data required in order to use the Liebherr portal through a dedicated web service.


1.3 We will also use your email address in order to provide you at the start with your registration confirmation (double opt in) and in order to be able to contact you subsequently in relation to issues relating to your SSO user account or a module.



2. Usage data

We collect and store log files and user data in the first instance for security reasons in order to discover, document and guard against the abuse of our service. We may use the data to obtain information over how our service is used. We require this information in order to be able to offer you a secure and user-friendly internet service. Moreover, the data are also required for the purpose of editorial and technical improvement of the Product.

We also use user data in order to be able to present information to logged in users in a "personalised" manner, i.e. which is targeted on the basis of the information available to us concerning for example the user's geographical origin, occupation, specialisation etc. No further usage will occur.


III. Disclosure of usage data and core data to third parties

As a matter of principle, we only disclose usage data and core data to third parties if this is necessary in order to be able to use the Product's functions. In particular, your personal data will be transmitted to your service partner and directly to the relevant seller within the "Shop" module (as a rule your service partner) in order to facilitate processing.


If expressly consented to by you, your personal data and the devices registered by you will be transmitted to the manufacturing facility of the products registered by you in order to provide you with the most up-to-date information and to inform you concerning new products.


NB: Please note that your personal data and company data may be transferred to a country outside the EU if your service partner is based in that country. You will be informed of this prior to requesting a business relationship, and a reference will also be visible in the display concerning the business relationship in the contact data for the service partner concerned. In this regard, according to the framework legal provisions, we are obliged to obtain your express consent prior to transmission to such a service partner.


We will also disclose usage data and core data to third parties,


• if and insofar as this is necessary in order to implement the contractual relationship established with you or to enforce claims we are entitled to make;


• if you have consented to the disclosure;


• if we are obliged to do so by law or have been obliged accordingly by a court of law; or


• if so requested by an official body, including in particular criminal prosecution and supervisory authorities, if and insofar as this is necessary in order to prevent threats to public security and order and to prosecute crime.


IV. Links to other websites

Our website may contain links to the websites of other providers that are not associated with us. After you click on the links we have no further influence over the processing of any personal data that is transferred to the third party by clicking on the link (such as for example the IP address or URL containing the link), as the actions of the third party are naturally beyond our control. We thus cannot accept any responsibility for the processing of such personal data by third parties.


V. Information, rectification, deletion and blocking

You can request information at any time concerning the personal data regarding you that is stored by LIS. Please submit any request in writing or in text form to Customer Service: email: or in writing to Liebherr-IT Services GmbH, St. Vitus 1, 88457 Kirchdorf, Germany.


You also have the right at any time to request that your personal data be rectified, blocked or deleted if the statutory prerequisites are met. In the event of any inaccuracies we shall correct the data stored with us promptly after notification by you. Please write to the postal or email address mentioned above in order to request any rectification.


Personal data will be deleted if collection or processing was prohibited from the outset, if processing or usage proves to be prohibited as a result of circumstances that have occurred subsequently or if possession of the data by us is no longer necessary in order to fulfil the purpose pursued by processing or usage. The only data that will not be deleted shall be those that we require in order to process any remaining tasks or to enforce our rights and claims along with data that we are required to store according to law. However, such data will be blocked.


VI. Security

We implement technical and organisational security measures in order to ensure that our users' personal data are protected against loss, incorrect alteration or unauthorised third party access. Under all circumstances only persons authorised by us will have access to your personal data, and only insofar as necessary within the ambit of the purposes specified above. Data collected during registration will also be transferred in encrypted form, as will subsequent communication between the SSO server and the servers of the participating Liebherr portals.


Any questions concerning data protection?

Should you have any questions concerning our Privacy Statement, please do not hesitate to contact us by email at


Valid from: January 2017